Let’s Listen to a Mic’d Up Elvis Andrus Yell ‘AW SH!T!’ After Getting Hit by Pickoff Attempt (Video)

elvis andrus aw shit

When you watch baseball games on ESPN, you’re not really watching it. You’re experiencing it. This is the Worldwide Leader we’re talking about here. They don’t just point cameras at the field and let the experts narrate. They put microphones on every warm body they can find to capture all the sounds of the game, too, creating an authentic Major League Baseball experience for the fans at home.

Of course, all that is really just a fancy way of saying that, when you watch baseball on ESPN, you sometimes get to hear guys swearing when the folks in the production booth forget which mics are live.

That’s what happened last night in Anaheim, where the Angels were hosting the Rangers on Sunday Night Baseball. After a pickoff attempt by Anaheim’s Matt Shoemaker drilled Elvis Andrus as he was diving back into first base, Andrus very understandably yelled “AW SHIT!”

Your average MLB telecast wouldn’t have picked that up. But this was ESPN, and mics were everywhere:

Thanks, ESPN. Now millions of impressionable young baseball fans think swearing is part of the game. Way to tarnish our National Pastime.

Hat Tip – [It’s Always Sunny in Detroit]


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