The 10 Stupidest Championship Trophies in Sports

stupid ugly championship trophies

Back in the day, before advanced telecommunications and social media, championship trophies were pretty practical. With sports record-keeping spotty at best, the only way you could prove that you were, in fact, the champion was to bust out your trophy.

Today things are different. Today, we do not really need championship trophies. If you win, everybody knows it, and it gets recorded in a thousand different databases. Hoisting a shiny object above your head does not make it any more official. But of course, we still like our championship trophies because, for fans and athletes alike, they symbolize and even embody the achievement.

Unfortunately, not all championship trophies are created equal. Some of them are iconic works of art with histories as rich and fascinating as the sports themselves, while others…well, you know…they suck.

In a few days we’re going to take a look at the greatest trophies in sports. However, today we’re going to take a look at the worst.

So let’s get started, shall we?


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