Johnny Manziel Spotted With Justin Bieber’s Ex

Johnny Manziel Justin Bieber ex

The sky would appear to be the limit for Johnny Manziel. He gets drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Then he gets picked up by the Padres for some reason. And now, the Johnny Manziel Party Express has been making stops all over the country (with the notable exception of anywhere in Ohio), and his latest adventure includes being photographed with Chantel Jeffries, Justin Bieber‘s ex-girlfriend.

The picture was reportedly taken in Houston according to Busted Coverage, which is where Manziel has been hanging out the last two weekends.

It made its way to the internet courtesy of the following tweet:

Johnny Manziel and Bieber's ex

In case you’re not up on your Justin Bieber relationship history, Chantel Jeffries was the girl who was linked with Bieber back in January, when the singer got arrested for drag racing under the influence in Miami.

One thing’s certain about her, though: She definitely has great taste in men.



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