Liverpool Fans Serenade Luis Suarez Doppelgänger on Ryanair Flight

luis suarez lookalike doppleganger

Uruguay and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is a bit of a controversial figure in the world of soccer. The guy has served suspensions for racist remarks (which he says he did not make) and for biting (which he really can’t deny since everyone saw the video), which in some circles makes him one of the most reviled figures in the game today.

However, Suarez is also extremely good. So it’s hardly surprising that fans in Uruguay and Liverpool have been very willing to forgive the guy’s past transgressions and give him second and third (and eventually fourth) chances. That’s how sports works—you hate a-holes when they play for the other team, but you love them when they play for your team.

Fortunately for the Ryanair flight attendant who happens to bare a striking resemblance to the soccer superstar, he was discovered by a group of drunk Liverpool fans and not a group of drunk Manchester United fans. So instead of being heckled while trying to do his job, he was serenaded.

Oh, what’s that? Yeah, there’s a Luis Suarez doppelgänger who works as a flight attendant for the discount Irish airline.

Here’s the video:

And here’s another side-by-side comparison:

luis suarez lookalike doppleganger

Pretty strong resemblance, right?

Of course, the person who posted the video didn’t say when it was taken, but I think it’s safe to assume it wasn’t this week. Even Liverpool fans would have given the Suarez Doppelgänger a hard time this week, seeing as how the Uruguayan’s two goals against England knocked them out of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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