The Stanley Cup’s Summer of Debauchery Has Begun (Pics)

stanley cup with jarret stoll and erin andrews

Every summer the Stanley Cup goes on a world tour, visiting the home towns of every single player who won the Cup that year and putting whatever little vacation you have planned to shame. And this year, since the Los Angeles Kings won hockey’s Holy Grail again, the party kicked off in sunny Southern California.

It started tame enough with some appearances around town and a few swanky ocean-side soirees.

One of those parties was attended by Erin Andrews, who of course is dating Kings forward Jarret Stoll.

Obviously, she took the opportunity to sip some bubbly from the Cup:

erin andrews jarret stoll drinking from stanley cup

The Cup also made a cameo at an Angels game down in Anaheim…presumably just to troll Ducks fans:

stanely cup at angels game

From there, though, Stanley’s summer tour really picked up. Every year now, the NHL holds its postseason awards ceremony in Las Vegas. So now, every year, the team that wins gets to party with the Cup in Vegas. And of course, when the Stanley Cup is in your entourage, you’re a pretty big deal wherever you go.

Here are some of the Kings at the MGM Grand:

stanley cup kings in las vegas 1

And here they are hanging out by the pool:

stanley cup kings in las vegas 2

But of course, no Stanley Cup trip to Vegas would be complete without a night out at the clubs. And, not surprisingly, things tend to get a little weird.

Take a look:

stanley cup kings in las vegas 3

stanley cup kings in las vegas 4

stanley cup kings in las vegas 5

stanley cup kings in las vegas 6

stanley cup kings in las vegas 7

stanley cup kings in las vegas 8

The Stanley Cup’s life is better than yours…except when people pee in it. Because yes, of course that’s happened.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report and TMZ]


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