Hilarious Scene Unfolds as Woman Gets Thrown Off a Circus Camel (Video)

Woman Flies Off Russian Circus Camel

Russia has a long and storied history in the circus—on a personal note, one of my earliest memories is seeing a Russian circus troupe at Cypress Gardens in Florida and developing a crush on a pink-haired lady clown, but I digress—which now includes a video of a woman being thrown off of a speeding camel.

The circus might have its detractors, but this isn’t something you can see from any other form of art or entertainment. The woman appears to be someone out of the stands, who gets helped onto the camel right as it freaks out and starts galloping around the ring. Also, her jeans split, which is what really kicks the video into the next level of hilarity.

Luckily, the woman was wearing a harness that was wired from above, both for her own safety and because it leads to the funniest part of the video…That would be her careening around knocking over circus performers like a human pinball.

Hey, “The Human Pinball” sounds like a circus performer.  Maybe this lady just found her new calling:



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