Young Jays Fan Shows Smooth Moves, Gives Ball to Girl Sitting Behind Him (Video)

Young Jays fan Gives Ball to Girl

Some dudes have “it,” and some dudes don’t.  And even among those who have “it,” they all seem to get “it” at different times in their lives. Some guys don’t get “it” until they’re well into their twenties, while others already have “it” by the time they reach the age of ten.

Take this young Jays fan, for example. Rather than taking part in some immature act, like many Jays fans have been known to do in the past, he showed a level of maturity and charm beyond his years when he grabbed a souvenir baseball and gave it to the young girl seated behind him.

Check it out:

Did you notice the reactions from the fathers?

The boy’s dad couldn’t be prouder, giving his son a congratulatory pat on the head, while the girl’s dad couldn’t be more unimpressed, shrugging the whole thing off as if to say, “I’ve seen that one before kid. Stay away from my daughter.”

It was a great scene that was also accompanied by an 8-3 victory for the Jays over the Yankees, increasing their AL East lead over the Bronx Bombers to 2.5 games—and 1.5 games ahead of the second-place Orioles.

Good times at the Rogers Centre.



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