Ivory Coast Goalkeeper Celebrates Goal With Mouth Full of Grass at World Cup (Video)

Ivory Coast goalkeeper eat grass

All Ivory Coast needed to do in order to advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup for the first time in their nation’s history was tie Greece during Tuesday’s Group C battle.  But with the Greeks leading 1-0 after 73 minutes of play, the prospects of earning a spot in the Round of 16 were looking rather bleak for Les Éléphants.

Then, in the 74th minute, Wilfried Bony converted on a wonderful string of passes and the Ivory Coast were once again in the driver’s seat with the score tied, 1-1.

It was an incredible moment for the entire country, and goalkeeper Boubacar Barry celebrated accordingly—by taking a bite out of the pitch.

Check it out:

At least he didn’t bite a human, a la Luis Suarez.

Unfortunately, the bitterness in Boubacar Barry’s mouth would only grow worse, as the Ivory Coast surrendered a late penalty kick and fell to Greece by a score of 2-1, resulting in yet another Group Stage exit for the African nation.