29 of the Best Luis Suarez Bite Memes and Tweets

suarez bite memes

As soon as Luis Suarez took a bite out of Giorgio Chiellini yesterday during the final winner-take-all group stage game between Uruguay and Italy, you knew right away it would become an internet meme. After all, Suarez is one of the most polarizing figures in soccer, a guy who already had two biting suspensions in his career. And whenever something really crazy happens in the world of sports, the internet is all over it.

Of course, in this case, with the entire world watching a huge game in the world’s biggest sporting event, the meme exploded like a supernova. And today I’ve got a fairly comprehensive list of the best Suarez bite memes and tweets the internet could come up with.

Take a look, have a good laugh, and then take a moment to feel sorry for the good people of Uruguay. They’re team will likely be without their best player for the remainder of the tournament because he acts like a petulant toddler.