Marvelous Internet Creates Luis Suarez-Inspired Pac-Man Game, Which You Can Play!!!

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Going into the World Cup, it was a pretty widely-held opinion among soccer fans that Luis Suarez wasn’t an awesome guy. Now that he’s playing on a global stage, the only thing that’s changed is that everyone, not just soccer fans, thinks he’s a bad dude.

The most recent sentiment stems from the Uruguayan star player taking a big ole’ chomp out of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during Tuesday’s Group D match.

So naturally, the Internet has spent the past 48 hours trying to turn Chiellini’s misfortune into a meme.


Here’s the latest:

My gosh. Poor Giorgio gets bitten so many times in this Luis Suarez-inspired Pac-Man game. It’s…it’s…awesome!

If you would prefer to play the game, so as to better understand the profound satisfaction of biting a rival in the head, you can check out “Biteman” for yourself by clicking HERE.

Maybe there will be an update that allows us to sit before a FIFA disciplinary panel as Biteman. How long will that take to come out?

Hat Tip – [Buzzfeed]


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