The ‘Madden 15’ Cover Has Been Revealed, and the Internet Thinks It’s Hilarious (Gallery)

madden 15 cover richard sherman copy

Earlier this month is was announced that Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had beat out Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the cover vote for EA Sports’ Madden 15.

Of course, it was probably just the work of 49ers fans who want to inflict the Madden curse on their arch enemy. But on paper, at least, it’s a big honor for a guy casual football fans had never heard of until last December.

Anyway, ever since the announcement was made, people have wondered what the cover would look like. Would it feature Sherman making his now-famous tip that kept the ball out of the hands of Michael Crabtree at the end of the 2013 NFC Championship Game? Would it feature Sherman scowling and howling, a la his infamous interview with Erin Andrews? There are just so many unique possibilities.

Unfortunately, EA decided to go with a photo of Sherman striking a pose ripe for ridicule.

Here is the whole cover, just officially released:

madden 15 cover richard sherman

And here is said ridicule, courtesy of you, the internet:

Madden 15 hits stores August 26.


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