San Antonio Billboard Mocks LeBron’s Decision to Opt Out (Pics)

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The news that LeBron James will opt out of the final two years of his contract with the Miami Heat does not necessarily mean he will leave South Beach. However, it does mean that, in theory, he could leave. And given (a) LeBron’s infamous history with free agency and (b) the fact that he is kind of the best player on earth, this has NBA fans all riled up.

Of course, there have been a variety of distinct reactions to the news. Some people, for example, have taken this opportunity to make fun of the so-called bandwagon Heat fans.

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Meanwhile, others gravitated to fantasies about where LeBron might actually end up.

lebron houston rockets

Lebron in lakers

lebron cavaliers

And still others lamented the fact that this is pretty much all ESPN is going to talk about for the next two months.

lebron sportscenter

However, the most snarky reactions have come from those who focus on LeBron himself. And in that regard, nobody has put their money where their mouth is as much as the person(s) who paid for a billboard in San Antonio comparing the loyalty of Tim Duncan to the royalty of King James.

san antonio billboard tim duncan lebron james

The Spurs are the best franchise in basketball, but nobody’s going to accuse their fans of being magnanimous. Five titles in, they still have a pretty big chip on their shoulder.

They also have selective memory. Tim Duncan actually opted out of his contract back in 2000, after which the Spurs had to spend a fortune to prevent him from taking his talents to Disney World (that is, he almost signed with Orlando).

But hey, I guess it’s different when LeBron does it.

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