More Sexy Girls Spotted at the World Cup on Tuesday, via Greece and Colombia (Video)

Hot Colombia World Cup Fans

The parade of attractive female World Cup fans continues, this time with fans of Greece and Colombia doing their respective nations proud.

First, we have this lovely Greek fan wearing a Caesar-style crown, who got the attention of someone at Barstool Sports:

Then there’s Colombia, who brought (at least) a trio of spectacular spectators with them for their World Cup match against Japan.  Their game time appearance on ESPN was immortalized via tweet:

There’s apparently an entire website devoted to sexy female World Cup fans, called (appropriately enough), who have another pic of the Colombia group (actually a foursome) which you can see up at the top of the page. They also point out that during Colombia vs Japan, Colombia scored four goals, one for each girl. Nice, right?

If you’re impatient for more hot World Cup lady coverage, you can take a look at the World Cup Girls website here. Or you could just keep watching the World Cup, since they’re on pretty much every broadcast now. What a wonderful time to be alive.


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