WWE Wrestler Bad News Barrett Calls Out Redskins on ‘Monday Night RAW’ (Video)

Bad News Barrett Calls Out Redskins

A standard piece of any bad guy wrestler‘s repertoire is to insult the sports team or teams of the city he’s in, so as to provoke maximum boos and hatred from the live audience.

But what happens if the heel actually has a point? Viewers of the most recent WWE Monday Night Raw broadcast were treated to the answer, when Bad News Barrett took a swing at the currently controversial Washington Redskins.

Barrett gave the Washington, DC crowd the bad news that their Washington Redskins are a “racist, constantly losing” team (I wonder which of those things he expected to bother them more), but the audience reaction was reported as a pretty soft one. Maybe even DC-area wrestling fans are starting to turn the corner on the whole Redskin issue.

You can watch Bad News Barrett’s funny Redskins slam in the Vine post below. Decades from now, when we look back at the history of the illustrious Washington Interns, this will probably be seen as the turning point for the team:



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