Xherdan Shaqiri Scores “Goal of the Tourney” Nominee at FIFA World Cup vs. Honduras (GIF)

It’s not a shoe-in for “Best Goal of the World Cup” (even thus far), but I bet Xherdan Shaqiri‘s laser-beam strike at least makes the shortlist for most fans. And if you like your stunning goals to have a sense of context, know that Switzerland’s Shaqiri scored a hat trick in the match against Ecuador earlier today, giving Switzerland a 3-0 win.

That’s right. Of all the goals scored in the match, Xherdan Shaqiri scored 100% of them. He had a monopoly on goals, including this sexy beast right here:

Aww man. That’s a baby-makin’ goal right there. Splitting defenders, top-left corner, far outside the box. Hot.

I know it’s physically impossible, and it’s probably just the GIF, but it looks like the shot actually accelerates the closer it gets to the net. Any time your goal defies the laws of physics, it HAS to enter into the discussion for “best goal of the tournament.”

The reward for such dominance? Passage to the round of 16 to face Lionel Messi and Argentina.



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