According to New Nike Commercial, Kevin Durant Is the Baddest Baller on Earth (Video)

nike kevin durant commercial baddest

This week Nike unveiled the latest Kevin Durant signature shoes, the KD7s, and to kick of the marketing campaign they dropped a new KD commercial called “The Baddest.”

It starts off with legendary comedian Dick Gregoy playing some crusty old dude (who presumably has all sorts of life experience that makes him an expert on these matters) explaining that it’s not a question of who’s the best, it’s a question of who’s the baddest. And of course, from there we basically hear all about how the answer to that question is KD.

Now, obviously it’s a bit of a stretch to call a guy as nice as Kevin Durant “the baddest,” even if they are only talking about his on-court abilities. But hey, it’s just a commercial trying to get you to you buy some shoes. So take it with a grain of salt.

Besides, if you’re a Kevin Durant fan, you’re going to love this commercial whether “bad” is an apt description or not.

Take a look:


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