Rangers Second Baseman Rougned Odor Strikes Out, Still Gets to Third Base (Video)

odor gets to third base on a strikeout

Most of the time in baseball, a strikeout is just a strikeout. However, one of the great beauties of the game is that, sometimes, a strikeout is not a strikeout. Sometimes a strikeout is single or a double. And in fact, last night in Texas, during the bottom of the eighth inning of the Rangers-Tigers game, a strikeout was even a triple.

With his team trailing the Tigers 8-5 in the bottom of the eighth, Texas second baseman Rougned Odor (real name) struck out swinging. However, the pitch from Joba Chamberlain got away from catcher Bryan Holaday, so Odor took off for first.

That’s when things got crazy. Holaday made a terrible throw down to Miguel Cabrera, so the ball went all the way out to right field and Odor took off for second. However, Odor got greedy and took off for third, too, challenging the arm of Torii Hunger, who fired a laser into third baseman Nick Castellanos. That throw beat Odor to the bag, but Castellanos couldn’t hold on to the ball, so Odor was (eventually) called safe.

Official scoring: strikeout, wild pitch, and two-base throwing error.

Take a look:

If only we could all make it to third base even when we strike out!

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