Uruguay’s Luis Suarez Banned 9 International Games and 4 Months For Biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini

Luis Suarez

Justice is feeling pretty sweet right now. After very vocal fears and concerns that FIFA would lie down to protect its star players, it seems that they really cracked the whip against Luis Suarez, who very clearly bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini earlier this week.

Suarez, who has demonstrated this type of behavior before—to such an extent that fans were wagering on whether he would bite—got the book thrown at him by FIFA.

He’s banned from 9 International matches, which will start with Uruguay’s first match in the round of 16. He will also experience a four-month ban from any club play, which should translate to 9 games missed for Liverpool, should they decide to keep him after all this unpleasantness.

The four-month ban extends to ANY soccer activity, which means he won’t practice, appear at team functions, or even be allowed in stadiums. It’s a harsh penalty, but that’s why our parents (but apparently not his) taught us that biting people is wrong and you DON’T DO IT.

It’s always a nice consolation when the punishment fits the crime.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]


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