World Cup Brawl: Croatia Fans Battle Mexico Fans in Recife (Video)

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The 2014 FIFA World Cup has been going on for two weeks now. You would have thought we’d have seen tons of soccer brawls by now, given how soccer fans like to get wasted and wail on each other. (They have that in common with Blue Jays fans, incidentally.)

Nevertheless, as shocking as it may be, the video we have for you here is the first major fan brawl of Brazil 2014…that we know of.

It comes from the stands during the Mexico-Croatia game in Recife on Tuesday, which means it features plenty of sombreros, checkerboard shirts, rainbow ponchos, Euromullets, luchador masks, shirtless dudes, and, obviously, screaming and punching.

Anyway, Croatia’s chances of advancing were already slim at the start of the game, then Mexico went and beat them 3-1. So I guess the Croat fans were like, well, might as well punch some dudes. Things actually got pretty damn intense, too, and the combatants didn’t quiet down easily. So you really have to hand it to stadium security for keeping things under control.

Take a look:

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