27 Wonderfully Ridiculous Hulk Hogan GIFs

Hulk Hogan GIFs (Hulk Hogan American Flag)

Yesterday, while working on a post about how Hulk Hogan has become the official mascot of the USMNT for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I thought it would be fun to link to a list of Hulk Hogan GIFs. So I went into the old archives and had a look around only to make a horrible discovery: we didn’t have a list of Hulk Hogan GIFs.

Well today, friends, we rectify this embarrassing oversight. Here are 27 fantastic animated GIFS of the Hulkster in all his Hulkmaniac glory. And no, there are no GIFs from his sex tape. They’re all totally safe for work.

In fact, you should go show this to your boss right now. He or she will probably give you a promotion, such is charisma of Terry Bollea.



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