John Boye Photographed Kissing His Bonus Money on Eve of Ghana’s Elimination from 2014 FIFA World Cup (Pic)

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Yaya Touré and Kolo Touré lost their brother, Ibrahim Touré, to cancer on June 19. However, they stayed in Brazil to play for their country, because Ivory Coast still had a chance to advance to the knockout stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Contrast that with Ghana. A win over Portugal on Thursday and a German defeat of the United States would have put them through to the knockout stage for the third consecutive World Cup. But instead of focusing on winning the game, the players were only focused on getting paid.

You see, the Ghana Football Association, like most other associations, promises bonuses to players for playing in the World Cup. However, they apparently were late in delivering the bonuses, so the players banded together and threatened to boycott the final game against Portugal unless the Ghana FA forked sent the $3 million they were owed in cash beforehand.

The Ghana FA therefore chartered a jet and flew the cash to Brazil, where it then got a police escort from the airport like it was ransom money for a political prisoner:

ghana money convoy

Then, when the players got their money, somebody snuck this photo of John Boye kissing his stack of cash like some sort of gangster:

john boye kissing money

And that’s just insane isn’t it? I mean, these aren’t a bunch of amateurs we’re talking about. Most of the Ghana players play in major leagues and get paid damn good money. Asamoah Gyan made $10 million last year, Michael Essien made $3.5 million, and the money-kissing Boye made $720,000, just to name a few. Yes, there are guys who don’t get paid much. Harrison Afful, for example, plays professionally in Tunisia, and Rashid Sumaila plays in South Africa. So to them, $100,000—their share of the $3 million—is a lot. But it’s not like they’re homeless or anything.

Now to be fair, the folks running the Ghana FA are not angels, either. Just last week police in Ghana announced that they were investigating some high-ranking officials in a match-fixing scandal. That’s bad. The players had every reason not to trust their bosses to make good on their promises.

But this is still pretty sad. The players got their money, but not before Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari were kicked off the team—the former for insubordination, the latter for physically abusing a team official. And that spoiled golden opportunity.

When Germany took a 1-0 lead over the United States, all Ghana needed was a single goal to beat Portugal and advance to the next round. However, they were ill-prepared and shorthanded, and Portugal wound up winning.

I hope they’re all proud of themselves.

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