Number One NBA Draft Pick Andrew Wiggins Wears a Floral Tuxedo (Photo and Tweet)

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 12.45.20 AM

Times have changed.  Back in the ole’ days of the early 90’s, NBA draft picks would wear suits that would make them look like giant rectangles. Sometimes pinstriped rectangles, but that’s about all the variation you got.



Then Kanye West came along and screwed everything up. I realize he’s not a basketball player, but that’s how far his reach was. He made nerdy cool to the point that #1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins was wearing this:

That’s right.  Andrew Wiggins from Kansas went #1. And just in time, too, because if anyone fed this man so much as a peanut, the button on his pants would have shot off and probably hit Craig Sager in the forehead or something.

It probably warrants mentioning that he was picked by the Cleveland Cavaliers, which means that they’ll have to build a dry-cleaning clause into his contract that will NOT be an exemption from the salary cap. This could really hamper their rebuilding efforts.


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