Rihanna Is Rooting Against The USMNT at the World Cup, via Twitter

That Rihanna. If she’s not sampling Soft Cell to break through with “S.O.S.,” then she’s rooting against the very country that bought like 20 million of her albums. It’s not like she was born somewhere else, so what’s the deal?

Oh. Wait. She was born in Barbados. She has no ties to the United States other than her professional and social ones.


Doesn’t she know that the United States doesn’t like it when people don’t root for the United States? What is she, ignorant?

Well, maybe she just likes another country’s soccer team.

Let’s look at the Tweets:

I don’t know what “idc” is, but I can only assume it’s some sort of code to overthrow democracy, apple pie, and exterminate the bald eagle once and for all…

…Upon further reflection, it’s probably “I don’t care.”

But she DOES care. She cares enough to Tweet. And those Tweets have an emotional impact on her followers. Her AMERICAN followers.

Well, you know what, RiRi? You got your wish. The USMNT did lose. Yet they get to stay in the tournament. Because you’re not the master of the soccer universe, RiRi. And you never will be.


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