If You’re a Fan of the USMNT and You Don’t Have a Portrait of Tim Howard Shaved Into Your Head, You’re Doing It Wrong (Pics)

tim howard haircut usmnt

Remember Rob the Original, the guy who did that awesome Johnny Manziel haircut a few years back? Well, it turns out he’s still a ridiculously awesome barber/hair shaving artist. And recently he’s been turning out some really freaking amazing World Cup hair masterpieces.

I’ll start off by showing you the Tim Howard, which is obviously a tribute to the Everton/USA goalie. It was brought to my attention by a tweet @bluekippercom, a soccer blog for and by Everton fans, and it makes me want to go pound back a Budweiser and hug a bald eagle:

rob the original  tim howard haircut 1

rob the original  tim howard haircut 2

Nice, right?

But wait, there’s more. Seeing as how Rob the Original’s barbershop is located in San Antonio, it should come as no surprise that somebody would come in looking for a Mexico World Cup haircut. And who better to immortalize in a Mexico World Cup haircut than the hero of El Tri’s game against Brazil, goalie Guillermo Ochoa:

rob the original ochoa 1

rob the original ochoa 2

Of course, there’s always some douche who has to come along and get a portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo shaved into his head, which is totally something Cristiano Ronaldo would do:

rob the original ronaldo 1

rob the original ronaldo 2

Seriously, if I didn’t know that Cristiano Ronaldo has been in Brazil for the last two weeks, I would have assumed this was him.

In any case, Rob the Original does amazing work. Check him out on Instagram, or if you happen to be in the San Antonio area, go get a portrait of badass Clint Dempsey shaved onto the back of your head.


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