Here’s Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady the Moment Brazil Beat Chile at the World Cup (Instagram Photo)

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In case you thought that Tom Brady and noted World Cup fan Gisele Bundchen don’t do regular things like kick back and watch soccer, we’re here to tell you they do.  Only difference is they make it look much better than you do.

In this pic on Gisele’s Instagram account, we’re reminded why they have a great life. Maybe one of the best.

For instance: They’re all wearing yellow in support of Gisele’s native Brazil squad. Now, in and of itself, that’s not a very big deal, but I’m guessing that the president of Nike probably hand delivered Gisele’s jersey with a handwritten haiku on a fancy card.

Here’s a pic that someone else apparently took and posted on Gisele’s account:

Then there’s Tom and Gisele themselves. Being a “star pro quarterback” and “super-supermodel” has clearly allowed them to develop the core strength to allow toddlers to just lazily dangle off of their bodies for 90 minutes, plus overtime, plus the shootout. AND HOW IS GISELE EVEN SUPPORTING THAT CHILD WITH THAT ONE ARM? DO THE BRADY-BUNDCHENS HAVE A ZERO-GRAVITY DEN?

Then there’s the house. Recessed TV set above a nice stone fireplace? Then in the top right corner you can see a delightful soffited ceiling. Shit that’s tasteful. Our ceilings are just flat, and the only detail they get is that popcorn stuff on them that’s impossible to get off.

Finally, there’s the game. I’m guessing that the tie game was giving the Brady kids anxiety, so Gisele called the president of Brazil and told him to make sure that yellow won it. And he did, because you do what Gisele asks. Always.

So Brazil won it on the last kick of the shootout—to ensure that this family never experiences any pain or disappointment ever.


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