Mike Napoli Hits Game-Winning Home Run Off Masahiro Tanaka, Call Him an ‘Idiot’ (Video)

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Red Sox catcher Mike Napoli sure does know how to add insult to injury.

Step 1: Hit a game-winning home run off a pitcher in the 9th inning to put your team up 2-1.

Step 2: Call the pitcher who gave up the home run an “idiot.”

That’s it. It’s actually a really, really simple formula. Just embarrass the guy in a head-to-head matchup, then call him a name immediately after. It’s been done before, and it will be done again.

Here’s a clip of Napoli twisting the knife as he celebrates with his teammates in the Red Sox dugout:

Now, just because you give a homer up, doesn’t automatically make you an idiot. However, up until that plate appearance, Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka had struck out Napoli twice by getting him to chase splitters outside the strike zone. So when Tanaka served one up straight down the middle, Napoli made the most of it, then called him out for not sticking to what had worked up until then.

Probably cold comfort to Tanaka, who was also given this pseudo-apology from Napoli. Secondhand. Via Twitter.




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