Celebration Fail: Brad Keselowski Slices Hand Open with Champagne Bottle He Smashed on Trophy Podium (Video)

Brad Keselowski cuts hand on champagn bottle in quaker 400 celebration fail

Apparently smashing a champaign bottle on a table is not a good way to open it.

Who knew? Not Brad Keselowski. He learned this the hard way on Saturday night while celebrating his win at the Quaker State 400 in Sparta, Kentucky.

“We were having too much fun with champagne and one of the bottles broke and I cut my hand open. It’s no big deal,” said the 2012 Spring Cup champion. “I hit it on something. I think I hit it on the corner of the podium and then it broke. I don’t know. I was trying to get the top off and shaking it at the same time, and people were spraying me and I couldn’t really see all that well. It was just one of them deals.”

At first Keselowski didn’t realize how bad the cut was. But then he saw all the blood and realized he would probably need stitches, which he did. Four, to be precise.

Take a look:

Funny how Brad described the incident like it was some kind of accident. To me it pretty much looked like he was trying to break the top of the bottle off on the table.

Verdict: celebration fail.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]


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