Celebrating Brazil Fan Says “F*ck Her Right In the P*ssy” During Live Interview (Video)

Brazil Fan Local News Outburst

In the heat of the moment, you never know what’s going to come out of someone’s mouth. Given that, it’s actually kind of surprising that TV reporters continue to interview sports fans after big wins or losses—like Natalie Duddridge on CityNews in Toronto did when she found a group of fans who were cheering Brazil on during their World Cup win against Chile.

What came out of the mouth of one of the fans is arguably not fit for publication on this website, so I’ll just direct you to the viral video (and faked news blooper) that inspired it here. But even if you dock points for a lack of originality, this is still one of the best local news moments of all time.

The kicker to the whole thing is Duddridge’s sublime reaction to the outburst—she comes as close to pretending it didn’t happen as is humanly possible, and handled the whole thing with true aplomb. I’m just impressed she didn’t start laughing.

Here’s the video:


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