Sexy Chilean Reporter Flashes Patriotic Bra for Chile’s World Cup Team (Video)

Chilean reporter flash

Jhendelyn Núñez is a Chilean TV news personality who takes off (most of) her clothes in public approximately 1000% more often than comparable figures on American TV (the short-lived CNN program Wolf Blitzer Nude notwithstanding). The latest example was on Saturday, when Núñez was cheering on her home team in a World Cup match against Brazil.

She was captured on camera by someone associated with UOL, a Brazilian internet company, and was somehow provoked into flashing her bra in support of Chile. How do I know she did this in support of Chile? Because the bra was a replica of the Chilean flag. Patriotism’s great, right?

Anyway, you can take a look at Jhendelyn Núñez showing her bra for God and country below. Unfortunately, this show of support (so to speak) didn’t help Chile win against Brazil, but maybe you’ll find some value in it anyway. And if you want to keep tabs on Núñez from now on, you can do so via her Instagram account here.

Here it is:


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