Brace Yourselves: NBA Free Agency Is Coming, and It’s Going to Be Insane

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LeBron James opting out was only the beginning. When the clock strikes midnight tonight, and Monday turns into Tuesday, the most insane summer in NBA history will begin. There are stars and superstars who are free agents, and there are stars and superstars looking to get traded. When it’s all over and the dust is settled, the NBA could look very different.

The first chip to fall? That’s going to be Carmelo Anthony, who opted out of his contact with the Knicks before LeBron made opting out cool. Sources say he will meet with the Bulls on Tuesday and then the Rockets and Mavericks on Wednesday. Obviously, the Bulls need offense since they can’t count on Derrick Rose (ever), and Anthony would be a great fit. So of those three teams, they’d have to be considered the favorites.

However, sources are saying the Knicks are pretty confident that they’ll be able to retain Anthony. They shipped center Tyson Chandler back to Dallas, freeing a bunch of cap space, and new team president Phil Jackson seems to think he can get Pau Gasol to join him in Manhattan for $4 million or less. The Knicks could then give Anthony $25.8 million per year for five years—more than any other team would be allowed to give him, per the current collective bargaining agreement—and still have money to add another key contributor and make the Knicks not suck.

But! What about Miami? LeBron opted out of the last two years of his deal last Tuesday and, after the Big Three got together to discuss the situation, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh opted out of their deals over the weekend.

Obviously, LeBron, D-Wade, and the Boshtrich opted out so the Heat can restructure their finances and bring in more players not named Shane Battier or Ray Allen. This could mean LeBron getting max (or close to max) money, Wade and Bosh taking pay cuts, and the Heat bringing in the top free agent point guard, Kyle Lowry, plus another solid contributor, such as center Marcin Gortat.

However, the sexier possibility would be all three taking less money so the Heat can land a superstar and turn the Big Three to the Big Four (or maybe the Big Three-Point-Five, since Wade can barely walk anymore). Obviously, everyone’s first thought here is CARMELO!!! But that actually wouldn’t be the best option. The best option would be to somehow trade for Kevin Love.

Because, oh yeah, that’s the other major move that’s going to happen this summer. Love wants out of Minnesota in the worst way, and the T-Wolves are going to trade him somewhere because next summer he becomes a free agent. Will it be to the Heat? To the Lakers? To the Knicks?

Who knows. All we really know is that it’s going to be a crazy summer. So buckle up, NBA fans.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]


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