Vin Scully Commentates Scott Van Slyke Getting Pranked With the Ole’ ‘Hot Foot’ (GIFs)

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Over the course of a 162-game season, both baseball games and the season as a whole can seem to drag on a bit, so the players need to create their own excitement. Because, well, baseball itself doesn’t really get very exciting until about September or so.

In the interim, baseball being the bastion of philosophy and academia that it is, the players are going to kill some time by lighting each other’s feet on fire.

In this brainy case study, we see some mischievous teammates sidling up to Dodger Scott Van Slyke, with a small bundle of matches stuck to his shoe using gum. Pretty brainy stuff.

Here’s the GIF, which is low-res enough that it’s fun to imagine it as old-timey footage:

Man, it’s boring enough that you wished they would have used a little TNT or something to explode his foot. I mean, I don’t wish the guy harm, but this instance does not do the classic prank justice.

Nonetheless, the bench loses it, because what else is going to entertain them? Certainly not mid-summer baseball.

*Cue rag time piano music, entire crowd full of men in suits and hats*

Thankfully, we have video footage of the whole thing, which actually makes someone getting hot footed worth watching, thanks to some play-by-play from none other than Vin Scully:

That voice can make anything worth watching.


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