Switzerland Blows Last Second Chance to Equalize, Argentina Advances 1-0 at World Cup (Videos)

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No one expected Switzerland to put up the fight they did against Argentina today, but then again, people haven’t expected a lot of what’s happened at this year’s World Cup.

Through regulation and injury time, the teams were deadlocked 0-0. Wrapping up the first extra time period…still no on had scored. However, as was to be expected, fatigue on both sides was setting in, allowing for the promise of a big play due to fatigue and exhaustion.

Then, midway through the SECOND extra time period…nothing happened. Still 0-0. Then, 118′ into 120′ of regulation play and extra time…something happened. Angel di Maria struck in a goal courtesy of none other than Mr. Lionel Messi. The crowd, which largely consisted of Argentinians, who love Argentina, and Brazilians, who don’t, went crazy.

Here’s the video late, late, late into the game:

Considering how long it took to put something up on the scoreboard, and how little extra time was left, it looked like this was curtains for the Swiss, who had put up a valiant effort. But they weren’t ready to go quietly.

Quickly after the Argentinian goal, they came back with this:


The Swiss, even after putting up a noble fight, will be haunted by that goal post during what’s sure to be an interminable flight home.


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