#bandforbron Twitter Movement Aims to Keep LeBron James and His Talents in South Beach

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The Miami Heat have had a pretty hard time since tipping off their Finals appearance against San Antonio. They lost handily and displayed such shoddy performances that now the status of seemingly every player on the team is up in the air.

But naturally, the big fish the fans and club want to re-catch is LeBron James. James is an unrestricted free agent since he opted out of his contract. Without LeBron, the big three are in jeopardy, and if the big 3 are in jeopardy, the whole team’s in a lot of trouble.

So Miami fans, who have a reputation for not being among the most fervent in the league, have come together with the Twitter hashtag “#BandforBron,” in which supporters put on a headband to show their desire for LeBron to stay in Miami.

Please, no one tell them about what he did to the people of Cleveland to get to Miami. It will devastate them. Let them have this.

Here’s the campaign, which was started by ESPN West Palm:

It’s…it’s…it’s…cute. It’s…it’s cute.


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