Don’t Worry, All the German WAGs Attended Monday’s World Cup Game vs. Algeria (Photos)

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Don’t worry. Not only was there cutthroat, single-elimination World Cup soccer taking place on the pitch on Monday night, but it came part and parcel with a smattering of hot German soccer WAGs in the crowd.

Mario GotzeSami Khedira and Bastian Schweinsteiger of Germany all had their better halves in attendance, and the women seemed to command as much attention as the men. One look at Ann-Kathrin BrömmelSarah Brandner, and Lena Gercke, and you can tell they weren’t traveling incognito. 

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It’s the bitchy resting face to end all bitchy resting faces. This face makes Victoria Beckham look like…Zooey Deschanel.

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Here is one of them waving at me. “Hey there, pretty lady! I see you! Hell-oh!”

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“Fuck. It was totally my day to pick the kids up from KinderYoga class. FuckFuckFuck.”

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I think the lady behind this lady’s right shoulder may be a zombie.

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Oh. And there was a soccer game played. Either Algeria or Germany won. Not really the point, though. As the old adage goes, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how hot your arm candy is.”

Even without seeing the Algerian contingent, I’m comfortable giving the hot girlfriend match to Germany.

Hat Tip – [101GreatGoals]


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