Johnny Manziel Partying With Floyd Mayweather and Bieber. This Should Silence the Critics. (Photos)

If you’re a high-profile athlete that’s been criticized for being immature and petulant, you probably shouldn’t be hanging out publicly with Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather. I mean, it’s not a big secret that they’re two of the most hated or divisive celebrities in the world. It also doesn’t go a long way in proving that Johnny Manziel is making “good” decisions.

Oh, and to add fuel to the fire, the cops were called.

If this pic had surfaced the night before the draft, how far past Cleveland would Mr. Football have fallen?:

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 1.07.37 PM

The cops were called twice to Bieber’s Beverly Hills house. Once for a noise complaint, and once because neurotic little girls were screaming in his front yard. Apparently that’s a common occurrence. The good news is that Justin Bieber apparently isn’t holding a grudge after Manziel was photographed with his ex, since they were likely all hanging out together when that photo was taken.

Johnny, if you’re reading this (and I like to think that you don’t miss an article here on TPS): Run, don’t walk away from these people. They are slow motion trainwrecks.

Just stay away from cell phone cameras, go back to Cleveland, and play football.


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