Selfish Pigeon Delays Baseball Game So That It May Walk Around on the Field (Video)

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Many stories will restore your faith in humanity. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those. This will shake your faith. IN PIGEONS!

The Tigers-Athletics game on Monday was briefly delayed after a pigeon took to the field, then wouldn’t leave. The selfish animal set up shop between the mound and home plate, forcing Tigers pitcher Anibal Sanchez to refrain from pitching for a few moments.

Terrible. Terrible, terrible stuff. Take a look for yourself (if your stomach is strong enough):

Fortunately Oakland A/American hero John Jaso put his fear aside and shooed the beast away so that play could continue.

No one who witnessed the incident was hurt, except maybe for those fans who died of boredom when they realized that things like this represent the pinnacle of summertime baseball excitement.

It turns out the bird was just a little lost. It was looking for the way out of the ballpark so it could go watch World Cup highlights.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]


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