Streetballer ‘Young Hollywood’ Throws Down Through-The-Legs Dunk Over Female Standing on Chair (Video)

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The headline pretty much says it all. There’s a guy who plays streetball by the nom de guerre “Young Hollywood” (real name: Haneef Munir) whose big thing is that he’s really short (5’10”) and can dunk like a champ.

For this exhibition, he needed a volunteer to dunk over, and he just so happened to pick his “assistant.” You know, cause every unsigned streetball player has a hot assistant strutting around in heels.

Take a look at what transpired right here:

She better have gotten hazard pay this day, because Young Hollywood sat her down, then dunked over her, legs akimbo. Worst of all, no outlets are even reporting this lady’s name. She’s not even getting notoriety out of this. Let’s call her Prudence.

Although things could have been much worse, Prudence managed to walk away with nothing more than a great story to tell and the trauma of having Young Hollywood’s penis lightly brush against the back of her head.

All in all, a pretty good day for everyone involved.



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