Flyers Captain Claude Giroux Celebrates Canada Day by Getting Drunk, Grabbing Cop’s Butt, and Getting Arrested

claude giroux flyers arrested grabbing male police officers butt

Yesterday was Canada Day, and Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux apparently decided to spend the day and/or evening living it up in Ottawa, which is totally understandable.

Of course, Claude’s idea of “living it up” entailed getting drunk at an Ottawa bar called (I kid you not) The Great Canadian Cabin and, for some reason, repeatedly grabbing the butt of a male police officer. So yeah, he got arrested.

Police say Giroux hasn’t been and likely won’t be charged with anything, so they can’t comment on the matter to the media. Giroux’s agent isn’t talking either, nor are the Flyers, because why would they?

But that’s fine because, really, how much more do we need to know? The 2014 MVP finalist got hammered on his nation’s birthday, grabbed himself a handful of Candian bacon, and wound up in the slammer. Giroux is already beloved in Philadelphia for his skill, tenacity, and ability to have a good time. If anything, this incident is only going to make him more popular.

Hat Tip – [TSN]


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