Cleveland Indians Pull Off Historic Replay-Assited 7-2-4 Triple Play (Video)

indians triple play

Last night, the Cleveland Indians pulled off a 7-2-4 triple play on the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

That in itself is pretty historic, since a 7-2-4 (left fielder-catcher-second baseman) triple play has only happened one other time in the history of Major League Baseball. However, this particular one was doubly historic because it never would have happened without the use of instant replay.

In the bottom of the fourth, the Dodgers had runners on the corners and nobody out when Adrian Gonzalez stepped to the plate and hit a slicing fly ball to left field. The ball was caught by Cleveland’s Michael Brantley, who then threw to catcher Yan Gomes who tagged Dee Gordon out at the plate for the second out. Then Gomes saw Yasiel Puig trying to advance to second from first, so he fired a strike to second baseman Jason Kipnis who applied the tag.

That’s where things get crazy. The second base umpire called Puig safe, but Cleveland manager Terry Francona immediately came out and issued a replay challenge. And after looking at the replay, the umpires reversed the call, giving the Indians a triple play…or so it seemed.

You see, after that, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly came out and issued his own replay challenge of the play at the plate. So after ruling that there was a triple play, the umpires now had a chance to rule that it wasn’t a triple play.

Fortunately for Cleveland and lovers of obscure baseball trivia, the call on the play at the plate was upheld. Triple play Cleveland, inning over.

It was just wild. Take a look:

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