Cricket Player Ryan Higgins Clocks a Seagull with a Hit Ball (Video)

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Not knowing the first thing about cricket, I’m confident I misused about seven different terms in that headline. I bet they don’t even call seagulls “seagulls” during cricket matches. They’re probably called “Rories” or something.

Whatever. It’ll take more than a story of a (presumably) dead bird to make me learn about cricket.

So a cricket batsman named Ryan Higgins for Middlesex, hit the “ball” that was “thrown” by the “other guy,” and the “ball” flew up and hit a “seagull.”

The bird flopped around and then took off out of frame. It appeared to be sort-of okay, but common sense tells me that a frail bird doesn’t take well to a cricket “ball” flying out of thin air into its body. I’m pessimistic on the bird’s survival.

Check it out:

I read that the bird caused Mr. Higgins to be “denied six.” I don’t know what that means, but it sounds unfortunate. Not as unfortunate, however, as getting killed with a cricket “ball.”

Hat Tip – [Metro]


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