Fox Reporter Katie Nolan Gets Kissed by a Germany Fan On-Air (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.30.11 AM

When you send an attractive female reporter out to be “on the scene” with a bunch of drunk sports fans, you have to expect a little blowback. I mean, it’s not like the surrounding fans shouldn’t be responsible for their behavior, but drunks are RARELY holding themselves responsible for their behavior.

With that fun little intro, let’s watch Fox’s Katie Nolan get a fun little kiss from a Germany fan on the streets of NYC, outside a sports bar during the Germany-Algeria game. (It’s fun to see the dread in her face during this broadcast, like she can’t wait to find out just what bad thing is going to happen to her.)

Here’s the footage:

To Katie’s credit, she handles it with a lot of grace and is even able to come up with a fun little off-the-cuff, “I…I made a lot of friends.”

Kudos to Katie for being a good sport. I hope those two get married one day.


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