Meet Kendell Jones, the Hot Texas Tech Cheerleader Who Shoots Endangered Animals to Save Them (Pics)

kendall jones safari pic

If you really want to get people to say mean things about you on the internet, just shoot some endangered animals and post the pictures on Facebook.

That’s what Kendall Jones did recently. The 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader has been a big game hunter since she was 13. However, nobody knew who she was until last month, when she went on a big game hunt as part of an upcoming TV show on Pigman TV…and then posted photos of the animals she killed on her Facebook page. So many people were outraged.

Take a look at the controversial photos:

kendall jones lion kill

kendall jones elephant kill

kendall jones leopard kill

kendall jones rhino hunt

Jones offered all sorts of justifications for why it was okay to kill said animals. All the money paid for permits to kill the animals goes to farmers and local communities. The male lion she shot on a 70,000 acre conservation had to go because male lions kill baby lions, as well as baby rhinos, hippos, and elephants. The leopard she killed in the wild had to go because leopards kill cattle. The elephant she killed fed 100 families. And the rhino? Not dead. She shot it with a tranquilizer so vets could do healthy conservationy things to it.

Personally, I have no idea if these are legit excuses to kill endangered animals. What I do know is that Jones has supporters who defend her actions and detractors who aren’t having any of her excuses.

I also know that people now know who Jones is. And that was probably the whole point to begin with.

Hat Tip – [Buzzfeed]


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