Rob Gronkowski and Pats Owner Robert Kraft Get Funky At Jay-Z & Beyonce Concert (Videos)

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.12.36 AM

Now, there’s not much to go on here from the short video clip, but I will say that there’s enough footage to prove it DID HAPPEN. What, exactly, is happening is anyone’s guess. It appears that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is dancing with Patriots owner Robert Kraft at a Jay-Z & Beyonce concert.

While it’s always nice to see management and low-level employees like Gronk fraternizing, it’s delightfully out of character for the reserved Pats owner (not so out of character for Gronk. At all.)

There isn’t a ton to dissect here, as the camera is spinning and the audio sucks. But I do like that Robert Kraft is wearing the same clothes he would wear to a board meeting at a Jigga Man concert.

Take a look at the awesomeness that is a billionaire spinning in joy to the music made by a retired crack dealer:

And some dancing from Gronk:

Then wonder why your friends aren’t this fun. Also, this doesn’t seem to be the first time Gronk enjoyed himself at a concert. He’s on quite a concert kick the past few weeks.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]


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