Robert Griffin III’s Knee Is Looking Good-to-Go For the 2014 NFL Season (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.50.06 PM

Lifting that type of weight looks pretty healthy to me. If I can tie my shoe without getting winded, I consider that to be tip-top shape.  So if Robert Griffin III still has room for improvement, we’re all eager to see it.

Two seasons ago, RGIII blew his knee out, with many pointing to the coaching decision to let him play after several smaller tweaks and sprains he sustained over the season as the main cause. Last year, as Griffin was coming back, the Redskins had deflated by season’s end and decided to sit him in order to get him back at 100%.

If he’s not at 100% now, he’s looking pretty close. Here’s a video that further demonstrates his health:


That, combined with squatting what appears to be the mass of a Volkswagen, would indicate that things are back on track for the phenom quarterback. Of course, it’s not a very popular time to be rooting for the Redskins, but we really can’t blame Griffin for that, can we?


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