So that Florida Gators Calendar with Aaron Hernandez as Mr. July Is Actually Real (Pic)

aaron hernandez florida gators calendar

Like you, I heard a few days ago that, supposedly, Aaron Hernandez was Mr. July in an officially licensed Florida Gators Football 2014 wall calendar. And, like you, I at first thought there was no way it was real. It had to be either photoshopped or a phoney calendar made by somebody looking to prank the internet.

But no. Turns out it’s all true. The former Florida Gators and New England Patriots tight end-turned-murderer of three—sorry, alleged murderer of three—actually is in an officially licensed Florida Gators Football wall calendar. And we know because the Florida Gators confirmed it themselves via the team’s official Twitter account.

The calendar, they said, would have been approved in Spring 2013. That would have been several months before the execution style murder of Odin Lloyd, and several months before we learned Hernandez was also suspected of the double homicide for which he was recently indicted.

calendar florida football tweet 3

Then they explained that they don’t make and distribute the calendars. They just sell the rights.

gators hernandez calendar tweet

And then they stated the obvious.

aaron hernandez calendar florida football tweet

So what do you think, internet? Mistakes happen, or inexcusable oversight?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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