‘MLB: The Show’ Has an Ump Showing Yasiel Puig How to Gloat (Video)

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As video games get more advanced, so do the silly little things the programmers can put in them for fun. Back in the day, there were special codes to get Bill Clinton’s head on an NBA Jam player.

Now? Now the designers can be a little more topical and in-depth. Such is the case with this charming little Easter egg from MLB: The Show that has an ump, out of boredom, step up and teach Yasiel Puig how to show off after hitting a dinger.

Here’s the bizarre and awesome clip:

It’s funny in any context, but REALLY funny when it’s Yasiel Puig being mocked, as he recently had some difficulty flipping his bat, which we touched on a little over a week ago.

It gets even funnier when you really dig into the absurdity of WHY an umpire would be showing him this, as it clearly runs counter to the integrity of the game. But, as we saw earlier, their well-being is at stake with his errant bat flips, so safety is the name of the game.

And there you have it. I spent about 150 words explaining why a throwaway gag from a video game is funny.

TL; DR version: It’s funny because it’s weird and dumb. Which is why most things are funny.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]


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