Red Sox Announcer Jerry Remy Lost a Tooth During Last Night’s Game, and He and Don Orsillo Wouldn’t Shut Up About It (Video)

remy loses a tooth during red sox game

Either the Boston Red Sox do not have very good dental plans for their employees, or longtime announcer Jerry Remy likes to open beers with his teeth. Because last night, in what I can only assume is a Major League Baseball first, Remy lost a tooth while calling the Red Sox-Cubs game at Fenway.

Of course, if you or I lost a tooth at work, we’d probably keep it on the d-low, because randomly losing teeth tends to reflect poorly on one’s personal hygiene. But Remy was like, oh hey, New England, one of my teeth just fell out! Then he and Don Orsillo kept talking about it for the next three innings.

In fact, Remy and Orsillo were so committed to their comedy bit that they even had somebody bring them some pliers so Orsillo could pretend to put the tooth (it was a crown, if you really want to be technical about it) back in.

It was easily one of the weirdest baseball broadcasts of all time. Take a look:

Remy has had a number of memorable moments in the broadcast booth, but I think it’s safe to say this is the one that’s going to get him into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a broadcaster.

Nice work, fellas.


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