USMNT’s Loss to Belgium Still Got Them a Phone Call from President Obama (Video)

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I’ve never known a president to reach out and call someone who lost a competition. Even in the elections, the losing guy has to call the winner to concede. But the American run at the 2014 World Cup got the whole country behind the soccer team (no easy feat), and the team stood pretty strong even against far stronger opponents.

And that kind of behavior gets a call from the president, win or lose.

Here’s the video:

So Barack Obama called up Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard to give them his best, and thank the team for its effort in Brazil. Kind of a nice story all around. We also managed to get through the tournament without biting anyone, UNLIKE ANOTHER COUNTRY THAT WILL REMAIN NAMELESS.

(Uruguay. Uruguay bit someone. I don’t know why I was try to give them anonymity.)

Tim Howard had previously received a call from Chuck Hagel, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, though that unofficial title, and the Wikipedia page, belonged to goalkeeper Tim Howard yesterday.

No word on whether the team’s efforts will merit a trip to the White House, but…come on. Invite them to the White House.


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