Warren Sapp Leaves $0 Tip, Waitress Posts Bill on Twitter, Internet Has Strong Opinions! (Pic)

warren sapp bad tipper

When a photo of a supposedly bad tip left by Drew Brees found it’s way on the interwebz last summer, rich and famous people everywhere learned a valuable lesson: if you stiff some hardworking waiter or waitress, it will get on the internet, and you will be ridiculed for being a tightwad douchebag.

Of course, in the case of Drew Brees, it turned out that the supposedly small tip in question was on a takeout order, which actually made it pretty generous. But the lesson still stands: tightwads beware.

That brings us to Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp. On Tuesday he went to a sports bar in Hallandale, Florida, and left a tip of $0.00 on a $69.39 bill. So obviously, the waitress who got stiffed put the check on Twitter for all the world to see, presumably under the impression that said world would be on her side.

Initially the internet thought it was probably a hoax since, after all, 90% of the things you see or read on the internet are not true. However, after ESPN’s Darren Rovell retweeted the photo, Sapp stepped forward and confirmed that the story was legit.

warren sapp bad tipper tweet 1

Sapp insists he wasn’t being cheap, though. Rather, he left no tip because the service was terrible, and because the waitress kept calling him and his associates “boys.”

warren sapp bad tipper tweet 2

warren sapp bad tipper tweet 3

Now, unless Sapp decides to elaborate, we have no idea whether that was a friendly “whattleyahave, boys,” or a sinister “you boys better git outta here.” But we know for sure that Sapp and company didn’t like it because they said so right on the check.

warren sapp no tip bad tipper boys don't tip

So now some people are defending Sapp while others are attacking him. As for me, I don’t have enough information to form a legitimate opinion on the matter, but since this is the internet I’ll give you my two cents anyway: obviously, Sapp is the worst person in American and probably on planet earth.

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