Yasiel Puig Has a Pretty Crazy Handshake with This Attractive Female Dodgers Fan (Video)

puig handshake with hot dodgers fan

Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig likes to celebrate pretty much everything. And hey, if I had almost had my hand cut off by human traffickers while trying to escape poverty in Cuba, only to reach America and become a very rich and famous baseball player in Los Angeles, I’d probably celebrate everything, too.

Of course, Puig’s most famous celebration is his bat flip, which has been thoroughly documented. However, he’s also a custom handshake enthusiast who likes to create one with pretty much everyone he meets, including—or perhaps especially—attractive female fans.

And that brings me to this Vine tweeted out by the Dodgers. It features Puig doing a pretty crazy handshake make up on the spot with a fan he just met.

Have a look:

This fan, in case you were wondering, is a college softball player at Doane College. She’s a junior, her name is Amber Alvarez, and she would like all you dirtbags out there to know that she does not have a “special relationship” with Puig.

ambery alvarez puig tweet

Sorry to bring you more unwanted publicity, Amber, but at least I’m also calling out Tony2Bag9 for being a huge d-bag. So that’s something, right?

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]


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